Top 5 Most Damaging Structured Technology Cabling Cases

Technology cabling systems have to be installed properly to ensure proper functioning. However, poorly installed cabling networks may lead to consistent breakdowns with technology and communication systems such as low browsing internet speed. Here is a quick checklist of some damaging structured cases and a brief illustration of why you need to address them immediately to avoid serious breakdowns.

Intermittent Breakdowns

This type of fault is among the most common damaging issues affecting structured cabling network systems. Broken malfunctioning outlets and faulty path lead systems are some causes of this puzzling issue. However, the identification of the outlet and lead systems that are misfiring can be tasking. You will need a qualified professional to address the issue immediately you sense an issue of this kind, as the effects could lead to wastage of valuable resources.

WiFi Connection Faults

WiFi systems present a host of challenges when poorly installed ranging from weak internet connections, intermittent connectivity, and poor coverage. This may happen when multiple devices with conflicting WiFi standards are connected. Furthermore, the WiFi components and devices may be faulty or wrongly installed. If these are not cause of your issue, you may consider checking if there are any newly connected WiFi devices with outdated cabling. The major effect of this case is reduced workforce efficiency and productivity.

Mismatching Cables

There are situations where some infrastructures are designed for a specific type of cable. If different manufacturers supply different elements of the network system you are using, you are likely to encounter connectivity problems. The installation process must ensure consistent end-to-end structured cabling network system to avoid mismatching between the components. Make sure you are dealing with a highly qualified and experienced technician, as spotting this issue can be difficult. If not addressed on time, it could result in costly network challenges.


Structured network systems may become disorganised due to constant repair and maintenance processes by multiple firms. Disorderly cabling networks may also come as a result of poor workmanship, where technicians are careless during and implementation processes. This includes inaccurate labelling, poor record keeping, untidy patching and many others. You may have unnecessary expenditures if the issues are not attended to on time.

Network Redundancy

All companies need a backup system that can ensure a continuous flow of network. Installing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is hence necessary to ensure continuity even when power goes out, to avoid interruptions during crucial business moments. Lack of proper systems to avoid network redundancies will generally lead to loss of service in your company.