3 Signs You Should Add a Video Doorbell to Your Home Security System

There are countless different elements and pieces of equipment you can add to your security system, and ultimately, the parts that are best for you depend on your personal preferences and needs. A video doorbell can be a useful addition to a home security system, but not everyone needs one. Here's three signs you absolutely need a video doorbell:

1. You receive a lot of visitors.

If your doorbell is constantly ringing, you have to waste time checking who it is. To avoid this, some people just leave the door unlocked and call out "come in" when the bell rings, but that can make you vulnerable to unsavory guests or thieves.

With a video doorbell, you don't have to move. As soon as someone rings the bell, a video chat instantly starts on your mobile phone or on a monitor connected to the camera by your door. You can see the person at the door and decide what to do, and although they can hear you, they cannot see you, giving you extra privacy.

2. You are out a lot.

If you opt for a video doorbell that connects to your smartphone, you can even answer it while you are gone. If it's a delivery person, you can easily tell them where to leave the package, or if it's a friend, you can talk to them about why they've stopped by.

In addition, you can also monitor what happens at your front door when you are not at home. Many video door bells are equipped with motion sensors. These security cams alert your smart phone every time they detect motion, and you can also set them to record a few minutes of activity every time there is motion.

3. You want proof if someone burglarised your home.

Unfortunately, many burglaries go unpunished. It is simply to hard to catch a burglar, and for many robberies, police may not be able or willing to look for fingerprints or DNA samples. However, if you have a video doorbell, you increase your chances of being able to find burglars who enter through your front door, and that's important because over a third of burglars enter through the front door.

You can set up video door bells to work like security cameras and film constantly. This way, you have a shot of your thief, and that makes it a lot easier to find them.