Still Using Paper For Your Presentations? Here's Why You Should Make The Switch To Whiteboards

Whiteboards have been on the scene for quite a while now. Featuring a glossy white surface, they are the modern alternative to blackboards and paper. Unfortunately, many people still use paper for their presentations. In this article, find out why you should make the switch to whiteboards for good.

Never run out of paper

So, imagine you are making your presentation, and as you scribble your points on each page, you suddenly realise you're running out of paper! That is one of the shortcomings of using paper for presentations. Of course, you can never know how many pages you will need to fully express your ideas. With whiteboards, this will never be a problem. Whiteboards are easy to write on and erase. No matter how much content you need to express, you have all the space you need; you just need to erase and write some more.

Easier to erase markings and make corrections

Often during presentations, it is easy to make mistakes that require a do-over. This could be something as simple as a spelling error or a wrong idea conveyed. With paper, you have to tear the entire page down and start afresh. This not only leads to paper waste, it means you have to start from step one. With whiteboards, writing and erasing is easy. When you make a mistake, all you have to do is erase the error and continue. This saves you time and minimises the mess created.

Wow your audience

Although paper presentations are okay, they are traditional. If you are looking to impress your audience, a whiteboard is the product of choice. Whiteboards are more interactive and provide better visuals for your content. You can tweak your information with diagrams, charts, arrows and other illustrative markings to get your point(s) across easier.

Whiteboards are friendlier to the environment

Last but not least, whiteboards are superior to paper in that they are environmentally friendly. Although some whiteboards are made from timber ply, you only need one unit all through. With paper, on the other hand, once a page is used, it cannot be re-used. You therefore have to keep buying batches of presentation paper every week. This promotes cutting of trees every year. If you are environmentally-conscious, therefore, whiteboards are the better choice.

You can purchase a whiteboard of your choice in terms of size. Larger boards allow you to input more data on them, while smaller boards are easier to move around with. So talk with whiteboard suppliers, such as Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd, for more information and size options.