Why Avoid Replacing Your Old Computer?

There are probably few things more irritating to someone who relies on their computer for work than to have it slow down, freeze up, and crash consistently throughout the day. Since you need to have your computer running smoothly when you rely on it for business and personal use, you may be tempted to simply buy a new one once the old one starts to perform poorly.

However, this can be as shortsighted as assuming that you should buy a new car as soon as your current vehicle needs new brake pads or a simple tune-up. Often a few simple repairs are all that's needed to get your computer running like new, and there are some very good reasons to consider having it repaired versus replaced. Note the following considerations to keep in mind.

Transferring data can transfer problems

When you buy a new computer, you typically need to bring many of your old files to the new equipment. If these files are infected with viruses, malware, and the like, you will simply be bringing them to the new computer and your new equipment will start to run just as slowly as your old piece! Rather than risk this, it's good to have a professional scan all your files with software meant to find viruses and malware that your own detection software may miss. They can then fix these issues and give your computer a tune-up.

Software licensing

Many computer owners are surprised to learn that when they purchase a new computer, they also need to purchase a new software license for programs they want installed. As an example, if your current computer has a version of Windows Office, you typically cannot simply transfer Word, Excel, and other such programs to your new computer. The license you have to use those typically means that they can be installed on one computer only. Unless you upgraded to an administrator's license or your new computer comes with all the software you need, you may be surprised to find out what additional software you'll need to purchase and have installed in your new piece, substantially adding to the price. It is easier to just get your computer repaired.

Simple fixes and upgrades

One reason many computer users consider replacing their equipment is that they've done everything they can do to remove viruses and to upgrade the computer's speed, so they assume the computer is running as optimally as it will ever run. However, most computer repair professionals will have ways of finding hidden malware that you may have missed with your simple detection programs, and may be able to add hardware that improves your computer's performance significantly. This can be less expensive than a new computer altogether, while giving you the performance you need from your equipment.

For more information about computer repairs, contact a professional (like those at Phoenix IT.)